Stalkers Oh My!

Since not a lot of you know about this, I will talk about it now. A couple of years ago I picked up a stalker in RL. Now, the one thing that made my stalker different was it was someone from my past that I had history with. Which made this all the more scary for me. In about 3 days I think I logged about 100+ phone calls from this person and 3 texts. So much to the point that I had to call the police and file a report. I also changed my phone number and had the cops to tell him to stop messing with me.

Fast forward to last week and guess who pops up in my life again. Yep, stalker boy. He tried to friend me on Facebook again. Apparently how Facebook works is that if you make a new page, the people who blocked you have to block you all over again. Which is not very security worthy. Considering that you can have a brand new free email address in about 5 minutes with fake information to start a new Facebook page again. The possibilities are limitless if someone is truly trying to get at you.

So, the first thing I did was I texted Army Boy about this and told him what was happening. Now, in case I have not mentioned it, I am a very lucky girl to have him in my life because his first words were ‘ Do I have to kill him now?’ Have I mentioned that I am lucky? I said not right now, because I am not sure how far this will go. Stalker boy has tried to friend a couple of my friends as well and I posted a status on Facebook about all this of course not naming names because I know that a lot of my friends there know him as well. I just asked that they not give any information about me if asked.

Have not heard from him again so far, so hopefully that is as far as it will go. Only time will tell and yes, I did re-block him so he can’t find me on Facebook or see anything I am posting even if it is on someone’s wall we have in common.

To say that this freaked me out would be a gross understatement. I mean would you try to friend someone that sicced the cops on you? I mean honestly? In talking with a couple of my friends who know him, I found out that he has been blocked by more than one person because of things he said or did with them too. It did not go as far with them as it did with me, but still I see a pattern of behavior here.

Now Army Boy is all for killing him and letting it go.. As much as I wanted to say yes to that offer, I am not that kind of person. Now if he comes after me, all bets are off there. Did I mention that you can start a Facebook page with all fake information so it would be easy to lie about where you are.

Since it is over and done with for the moment, I felt that I could finally talk about this here.