I hope that everyone had a good and safe holiday. We did here. It was quiet, thank heavens. They are currently replacing all the outside paneling on all the buildings in my complex and of course that is not a quiet job what so ever. The issue I have with it, is that the workers just plug what ever they want into the outside outlets and have at it. Which is how we ended up with a $500 electric bill for this month. To say that we were astonished would be an understatement!! We called the electric company and he took the bill to the office immediately because well, A. we can not afford that! and B. I felt like since it was not our usage why should we pay for it? According to the office here, they are not supposed to use ANY of the outlets at all for anything. But of course the workmen do what they want.

They are here at sun up and start making all kinds of noise not long after that. Sigh. I can not wait until they are finished and move on to another building because with all the hammering, power saws, radios, loud conversations, and other various noises it makes it very hard to get any sleep what so ever!

On the good news side, the VA contacted Army Boy about the job and he went to do the physical and finger printing thing. Just waiting on the background check and the letter from the doctor saying he can do the job because of his knee. School for him starts January 13th and he is looking forward to it. So am I honestly.

Of course I did too much on Christmas day and paid for it dearly the next few days. Army Boy’s parents sent me some money for my birthday that was in October and I got a back support pillow that I have been needing and got that the day after Christmas, which is nice. I totally love it! Makes using my computer in bed so much easier for sure!

We also got his pain pills so that helps as well. For us both. I am still having massive amounts of pain, but the pills help some at least. They also help me sleep, which is also a very good thing. Tomorrow is Sunday and the workmen hopefully will be gone and Army Boy is working tonight, so he will be able to sleep at least.

I am going to run, I need to eat something.



Christmas Coming

The last few days have been busy for us here because well, all of a sudden Christmas is like two days away!! My menu has been altered because  we could not find any prime rib roasts which totally frustrated me beyond belief! I mad adjustments and we are back on track. I was planning on trying out a new dip for Christmas, but decided against it because of how much cooking I am already going to be doing and I am trying hard to not have to put myself down for days afterwards because I did too much.

Tomorrow, I am basically making the twice baked potatoes. Then on Christmas, I just have to put them together and heat them through. Which will be easier on me too. We are having steak, twice baked potatoes and my ‘famous’ green beans.

Then at the same time, I guess the people here will be coming in to change the cabinets, counters, and light fixtures. The issue with this is that I had no idea that it was happening NOW. I was told THIS morning that they might be here today or tomorrow. Ugh. Nice. Only issue I have is that we were notified last week. Sigh.

I have had a pretty bad couple of days, but managed to push through them. I made slow cooker beef stew last night. It was really good, but I need to tweak the recipe some. As I might have said, the first time I make a new recipe I make it how it is written. Unless it has onion, because I am allergic. The second time, I usually start making changes if I need to with a recipe. The issue I had with this one was that it was not flavorful enough. The recipe called for 3/4 teaspoon salt, that was it. It was BLAND!!!

I am really tired today and I had a pretty bad night last night. So it is possible I might nap today. Army Boy’s parents sent me $20 for my birthday, so I got my back rest pillow which will be here the day after Christmas. They also sent us $100 for Christmas. I was not expecting the money for my birthday and I am very grateful! Speaking of Army Boy, he is today getting his physical for the VA job which is very exciting for us!

Okay, I think that is it for now. I am tired.


Stalkers Oh My!

Since not a lot of you know about this, I will talk about it now. A couple of years ago I picked up a stalker in RL. Now, the one thing that made my stalker different was it was someone from my past that I had history with. Which made this all the more scary for me. In about 3 days I think I logged about 100+ phone calls from this person and 3 texts. So much to the point that I had to call the police and file a report. I also changed my phone number and had the cops to tell him to stop messing with me.

Fast forward to last week and guess who pops up in my life again. Yep, stalker boy. He tried to friend me on Facebook again. Apparently how Facebook works is that if you make a new page, the people who blocked you have to block you all over again. Which is not very security worthy. Considering that you can have a brand new free email address in about 5 minutes with fake information to start a new Facebook page again. The possibilities are limitless if someone is truly trying to get at you.

So, the first thing I did was I texted Army Boy about this and told him what was happening. Now, in case I have not mentioned it, I am a very lucky girl to have him in my life because his first words were ‘ Do I have to kill him now?’ Have I mentioned that I am lucky? I said not right now, because I am not sure how far this will go. Stalker boy has tried to friend a couple of my friends as well and I posted a status on Facebook about all this of course not naming names because I know that a lot of my friends there know him as well. I just asked that they not give any information about me if asked.

Have not heard from him again so far, so hopefully that is as far as it will go. Only time will tell and yes, I did re-block him so he can’t find me on Facebook or see anything I am posting even if it is on someone’s wall we have in common.

To say that this freaked me out would be a gross understatement. I mean would you try to friend someone that sicced the cops on you? I mean honestly? In talking with a couple of my friends who know him, I found out that he has been blocked by more than one person because of things he said or did with them too. It did not go as far with them as it did with me, but still I see a pattern of behavior here.

Now Army Boy is all for killing him and letting it go.. As much as I wanted to say yes to that offer, I am not that kind of person. Now if he comes after me, all bets are off there. Did I mention that you can start a Facebook page with all fake information so it would be easy to lie about where you are.

Since it is over and done with for the moment, I felt that I could finally talk about this here.



Lasagna did not get made yesterday because early afternoon, I got really ill. So I slept most of the day and night. This morning I put the lasagna together for my Army Boy in case I was not awake he could put it in the oven. so he would have dinner before work and have some to take for his break at work. I feel bad when I am not feeling well and I can’t make sure he has food.

This morning it should not have taken me so long to get the lasagna together, but it is finished and in the fridge. It only has to cook for an hour or so. I am doing the best I can. I am so nauseous that I can hardly stand for long periods of time. The smell of food makes me ill. It was hard to get it all working and get it together.

Thank you for the comments and the likes on my entries. I am also grateful for the new followers of this blog. I am tired and I think I need to lay down.


Bad Weather

Most of us have been under winter weather watches, warnings, and advisories all weekend and in most part all of last week. Army Boy had drill this just past weekend and they were let go early on both days mostly because of the weather. Today I was all set to make this fantastic dinner because let’s face it, I had the energy to do so. I had a menu of lasagna, homemade garlic bread, and salad all planned for today. We both were finally feeling up to real food and it just sounded so good!

Army Boy got home early from Drill like I said and had brought Taco Bell. I then discovered that I needed eggs for my recipe and it was nasty out. Army Boy was going to wait a bit to see if the weather calmed before going out and it never really did. So, I did not let him go. Maybe tomorrow.

The recipe for the lasagna I was going to make is on my food blog, Everything But the Kitchen Sink. Maybe tomorrow. Depends on the weather here. I am tired and can’t sleep just yet, which is just my luck really. Sigh. Okay going to go relax and watch some TV.


Simple Things

As I am writing this I am sitting here wondering why I do not eat more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are so good! I forgot what simple little bits of heaven those are! I was supposed to make beef stew tonight for dinner, but since Army Boy has not been feeling well the last couple of days and honestly I have not been either, I just decided that I would figure out dinner if and when either one of us was hungry.

As a kid, I loved PB&J and ate it a lot. I think somewhere along the lines, when I grew up that particular pleasure got labeled as ‘kid food’ and not really something that adults ate much of. Which is a shame. I love my sandwiches on squishy white bread. You know the kind that has no nutritional value what so ever.. yeah that kind.

I think I like it so much because it brings actual good memories back from my childhood when I have one. I always vow to eat more of them but don’t. Sometimes it is like they are mini time capsules that bring back long forgotten good memories of eating with friends or a good time in my life. They are so simple and so good. I really need to eat more of these!

In case you are wondering, this post is not just about the PB&J sandwiches, it is also about the simple things in life that bring us so much joy that we don’t do anymore because they are considered not adult or some other stupid reason. Why not do the things that bring us joy, even if it is just a sandwich? Joy is something that we are in seriously in short supply of these days. If a sandwich can bring me such joy when the mixture of the peanut butter and sweet jelly hits my tongue, then why is it that I forget to have one of these little beauties every week?

I think it is because I forget. I forget how I feel as I am eating that delicious jem of a sandwich. I forget all the good things attached to it and look at it as it is just something to not make me hungry anymore. I need to work on that, because hey, I can always use more joy in my life.


What Life Would Be Like

If I had no struggles. I have been so busy lately with Army Boy getting a job and everything here at home falling on my shoulders, Thanksgiving, and now the ensuing craziness that is the mad dash for Christmas. I have been struggling a lot lately and not wanting to ask for help because I felt that I could handle it if I just did more.

Sadly, I forgot my reality with my heath issues. Thanksgiving was a wonderful meal that put me down for two days easily. Since Army Boy has started working I have felt bad about asking him for help because he is working a full time job and is always so tired. I feel guilty not being able to handle all the stuff here at the house. I have had a couple of bad migraines here lately complete with vomiting and dizziness, so you know they were BAD. I am struggling to be a good wife and yes, I feel horribly guilty about it too.

All of this guilt of course is kicking the PTSD into action as well, so I battle that and try to not let it show. I am constantly tired and the other night I had just enough energy to actually wash my hair but nothing else for the rest of the night. You would think I would be used to all this by now, but it is a daily struggle for me. I hate this reality.  I hate not being able to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen so when Army Boy comes home everything is clean and nice.

He does help me a lot and I feel incredibly guilty over that too. I know I should not, but I do. I feel as if I am not enough. With Christmas on the horizon, I know that if I am not careful I will be down for days afterwards. I want Christmas dinner to be good and special. Since it is just the two of us, it is not difficult to make that happen, but health wise for me, it will be a challenge.  I know I will ignore the symptoms of having done too much just like I did on Thanksgiving and do it anyway.

In this case, I feel like it will be worth it. Maybe not through because afterwards I will be useless for a couple of days and the guilt will start creeping back in and make me try to do more than I should again. It is a really vicious circle for me. So, here is to not over doing it! I am going to run, I am getting tired and need to lay down again.