Bad Day

Today was the worst day that I have had in a very long time! Whatever could go wrong today did. Seriously. Army Boy missed orientation for his job then they told him that his security clearance thing was not done, which it was. I watched him input all the information on the website. He came home and could not get on that site to look at it . Apparently he lost his password and the recover password was not working for him.

Then he missed his first class today. Ugh. He missed half of the second class and ended up going to a lab he was not scheduled for. Sigh. Not to mention it rained so much today so he was wet all day long. I felt so inept to help him and I hate that feeling.

He has two classes tomorrow/today starting at 12:30pm. I am hoping that it is better for him. I had a very bad night and it translated into a a very bad day. I made dinner at least, so that is a plus. I can’t sleep because of the pain again. Ugh. I hate that. I am going to leave you with the video for the song of this entry.


Looking at a Crazy Weekend and Week

Our lives this weekend will be somewhat crazy as opposed to all the other weekends of the month which will be usual. Army Boy is in the National Guard and this weekend is his Drill weekend. So, he will be getting up EARLY to go to the Armory and spend the day there Saturday and Sunday. He does get paid for that and it does help out with the bills and such. Then on Monday, he has his orientation for his new job and on that same day is his first day of school! Crazy!

I am so proud of him for doing the school thing. He has been having issues getting enrolled and dealing with the red tape of using his veterans benefits for school. Now that we finally navigated that mine field and he is not only enrolled but starting classes, it has been worth all the frustration and irritation.

He has wanted to be a nurse for a while now and now his dream is coming true and I am happy and proud of him. I know what it is like to chase your dreams academically because I have done that. I have 2 degrees in psychology myself.

So this next week looks to be crazy until he gets into the swing of things with school and work. He knows I will be helping him as much as I can with school work. He has to take a intro psychology class , reading, and writing class. Those I can help with. His biology class and lab, yeah I am useless. LOL.

Well, I am going to run.