Updates and Changes

Lately I have been using my hubby’s lap top because it is just so much faster than mine. I am loving being able to play games that I could never ever attempt on my own lap top. To be fair my lap top was bought when I was still in school so it is geared for that not playing games such as WoW. Going back to not using my own lap top, I have a writing program on mine from Microsoft that I love and it is not on hubby’s lap top because hubby does not blog. I went to write an entry the other day and looked all over the computer and could not find this program and of course I was about 2 seconds from freaking when I looked to my left and saw my lap top laying there. My brain of course gave a huge sigh of relief and the entry was forgotten. A lot has been going on here.

First of all we have been going through the eviction process, which included court. It is a pretty short story how we got there, but I do not feel like I can share the whole thing just yet. Once we are gone and moved, I will tell the whole ugly tale and when I do people will be shocked. If not, at least mad. Yeah, that bad. We are in the process of moving now. Packing. Ugh. I hate packing.

With an almost 1 year old child who has no idea what is happening except stuff is being put in boxes and he is afraid that we are leaving him so he is clingy more than usual. We are moving into a better and bigger place and I can not wait. Hubby goes and signs the lease tomorrow as well as faxing some paperwork for us to get help with the deposit. Hopefully that money comes in quick and we can move. We have to be gone from our current place by March 6th at 5 pm. So of course I am having horrible nightmares that will not be accomplished. I know I do have faith, but we are down to the wire here! Now we just need ‘bodies’ to help us move our stuff, but since we do not have a firm date yet it is hard to line that up. Ugh.

Life is crazy for us right now. I am tired because I am not sleeping well at all. So wish us luck and I will not be posting here most likely until we are in our new place and I will post pictures if I can find my elusive battery charger for my camera!