Good News Finally

I am glad to finally have a decently happy entry to write! My health issues get me down sometimes and it is hard to deal with day after day. Yesterday was a good day and we got great news in the mail! Army Boy has enrolled in school to become a nurse, so his Post 9/11 bill, which is similar to the GI Bill, I thought it was not going to be processed for like 90 days which would put us into March. Turns out, it has been processed and not only that, this will cover rent for the duration of his schooling! Which is a load off my mind for sure.

He is starting a new job on Monday and the rent has been paid for January anyway, but I was still worried because we still had electric, cable and water to deal with. Which is already been taken care of as of now.

I talked Army Boy into buying a pair of New Balance walking shoes. He was looking at a pair that was $30 at Walmart, but since his new job will have him on his feet a lot, not to mention his Drill stuff for the National Guard, I thought a decent pair of shoes were in order for him. I only buy and wear New Balance myself because they are great shoes and I have feet issues. I love them and they have never let me down.

This morning at 7:45 AM the construction guys were here banging their ladders around. Ugh. This is honestly getting to be a bit ridiculous to me. 7:45AM?!?! Really?!?! So needless to say I was not really happy about that. Don’t get me wrong, I know they have a job to do, but I am tired of them being way noisy and the ‘quiet’ hours here don’t end until 8AM anyway. Not that 15 minutes makes a big difference apparently.

I am so tired today because I had a not so good night with pain again. This is getting really old fast. I think a nap is in order soon. Gonna run.