Since the weather was nice Tuesday we are back to cold and grey here in Kentucky. The problem with this is that now both Army Boy and I are sick. He is worst off than me at this point, but it is hard to deal with. I was up until 5am this morning taking care of him. I do this willingly because he does it for me as well.

The other bad thing, is that dealing with the cold, really hurts me because I have arthritis in my knees, back, hips, ankles and feet. So when it gets cold, I have trouble with stiffness and everything is sore. I hate it but I deal because well, I don’t really have much of a choice there. LOL.

Some of my new reality is that my body does not regulate temperature like it should at the moment. It has only happened a handful of times so far, with of course today being one of those days. So, I am in sweat pants, socks, and clothes to keep me warm for now. I also just turned the heat up to 73. Normally because our place is so small, we keep it at 71. Today will be a battle for sure. I am going to try and make chicken noodle soup for dinner. Not the kind from a can either. I have some left over chicken and since it is so chilly out and neither one of us is feeling well, sounds like a good dinner.

Last night I had a grilled ham and cheese that Army Boy made. He makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches! I had some left over cheesy garlic mashed potatoes for lunch. They were good, but since I am not feeling well, I only had a little bit. I am so tired still because I was up at like 9:30am with Army Boy getting ready for school. So, soon it will be nap time.



A Better Day

Yesterday ( today to me because I have not really been to sleep as of yet) was a much better day for us than Monday. Army Boy got to his classes on time and it was sunny out for once. The issue that I now see is that we will have to get a desk for the living room for him to do his homework at. Right now we are both wireless and in the bed room where the TV is. That is the major issue. While I can multi task and work with the TV on he can’t. He is distracted. So I see I will have to move him out to the other room.

Tomorrow is his longest day, 2 classes and his lab for anatomy. The other speed bump we hit is that his lap top does not have Microsoft Office on it. In fact, I have the disk, but can’t put it on his lap top period, because it does not have a disk drive. So, being the wonderful wife I am, I put it back on my lap top and told him that when he needed to use it he could just grab my lap top and use Office.

At least for now anyway. The last few days have been crazy and I am looking forward to getting into a routine of some kind. My sleeping patterns are all over the map and I am really getting tired of it. Army Boy made dinner tonight, which was French toast. I ate and it was good. By 11pm I was tired, so we went to bed. I woke up a bit before 3am and now of course can’t go back to sleep yet. Ugh. Although I am yawning as I write this so maybe there is hope.

There are winter advisories for my state but not in my area, which tells me that soon the bottom will be falling out of the nice weather here. Eh, no matter. It is winter after all. I am thinking of making my own herb garden, but most likely will not do this until Spring. I saw something on Face book on how to make a mason jar herb garden and since I have a window sill in the bed room that is pretty much free, I was thinking about it.

Well, I think I am going to attempt to sleep some more. Army Boy doesn’t have to be in class until 3:30pm and I have some stuff I need to get printed for him anyway.


Bad Day

Today was the worst day that I have had in a very long time! Whatever could go wrong today did. Seriously. Army Boy missed orientation for his job then they told him that his security clearance thing was not done, which it was. I watched him input all the information on the website. He came home and could not get on that site to look at it . Apparently he lost his password and the recover password was not working for him.

Then he missed his first class today. Ugh. He missed half of the second class and ended up going to a lab he was not scheduled for. Sigh. Not to mention it rained so much today so he was wet all day long. I felt so inept to help him and I hate that feeling.

He has two classes tomorrow/today starting at 12:30pm. I am hoping that it is better for him. I had a very bad night and it translated into a a very bad day. I made dinner at least, so that is a plus. I can’t sleep because of the pain again. Ugh. I hate that. I am going to leave you with the video for the song of this entry.


I found out yesterday that where we live is VERY unhappy with the company doing the construction around here. There have been numerous complaints aside from us and they are 3 WEEKS behind schedule. Today, we caught them plugged into our electric again and took another picture. They left piles of garbage and construction debris in front of our patio out back as well.

I know they have a job to do and I understand that, but they have seriously screwed up here. My outdoor lights in the breezeway by my front door are totally out now. Which means that when someone knocks on the door at night I can not see who is at the door. AT.ALL. I find that a serious hazard to me, especially if I am home alone at night.

Not to mention they have piles and piles of dangerous construction debris all over the place as well. A lot of people are very upset about the horrendous noise so early in the morning too. Glad to know it is not just me that is upset about all this. So because they are so far behind, they will now be working Sundays. My one quiet day. Ugh. I am unhappy about this but I do understand that they faster they catch up the faster they will be gone totally. So, I will grit my teeth and deal with it all for now. Apparently we are getting a credit on our rent for February because of the electric bill thing. Now that we have proof they are doing it again, maybe March too.

Tomorrow I am going to see if I can take some pictures of all the stuff going on here. I am tired of being the nice one.

I need to run, I have the migraine from hell from all the noise and weather.


Looking at a Crazy Weekend and Week

Our lives this weekend will be somewhat crazy as opposed to all the other weekends of the month which will be usual. Army Boy is in the National Guard and this weekend is his Drill weekend. So, he will be getting up EARLY to go to the Armory and spend the day there Saturday and Sunday. He does get paid for that and it does help out with the bills and such. Then on Monday, he has his orientation for his new job and on that same day is his first day of school! Crazy!

I am so proud of him for doing the school thing. He has been having issues getting enrolled and dealing with the red tape of using his veterans benefits for school. Now that we finally navigated that mine field and he is not only enrolled but starting classes, it has been worth all the frustration and irritation.

He has wanted to be a nurse for a while now and now his dream is coming true and I am happy and proud of him. I know what it is like to chase your dreams academically because I have done that. I have 2 degrees in psychology myself.

So this next week looks to be crazy until he gets into the swing of things with school and work. He knows I will be helping him as much as I can with school work. He has to take a intro psychology class , reading, and writing class. Those I can help with. His biology class and lab, yeah I am useless. LOL.

Well, I am going to run.


Good News Finally

I am glad to finally have a decently happy entry to write! My health issues get me down sometimes and it is hard to deal with day after day. Yesterday was a good day and we got great news in the mail! Army Boy has enrolled in school to become a nurse, so his Post 9/11 bill, which is similar to the GI Bill, I thought it was not going to be processed for like 90 days which would put us into March. Turns out, it has been processed and not only that, this will cover rent for the duration of his schooling! Which is a load off my mind for sure.

He is starting a new job on Monday and the rent has been paid for January anyway, but I was still worried because we still had electric, cable and water to deal with. Which is already been taken care of as of now.

I talked Army Boy into buying a pair of New Balance walking shoes. He was looking at a pair that was $30 at Walmart, but since his new job will have him on his feet a lot, not to mention his Drill stuff for the National Guard, I thought a decent pair of shoes were in order for him. I only buy and wear New Balance myself because they are great shoes and I have feet issues. I love them and they have never let me down.

This morning at 7:45 AM the construction guys were here banging their ladders around. Ugh. This is honestly getting to be a bit ridiculous to me. 7:45AM?!?! Really?!?! So needless to say I was not really happy about that. Don’t get me wrong, I know they have a job to do, but I am tired of them being way noisy and the ‘quiet’ hours here don’t end until 8AM anyway. Not that 15 minutes makes a big difference apparently.

I am so tired today because I had a not so good night with pain again. This is getting really old fast. I think a nap is in order soon. Gonna run.


A Little About Me..

I have not really spoken much about myself here on this blog and for that I apologize. I know that people like to know something about the person who they are getting to see the inside scoop on, so let me fix that today.

Let me begin with this statement, my son was the first blood related relative that I have ever had contact with. I will let you think about that for a moment, then explain. I was adopted at three months old. I never knew or had any contact with anyone from my biological family what so ever. In fact, when I was in my late 20’s and went searching as much as someone can do from another state and no computer or Internet yet, I found that my adoption records had been destroyed in a fire at the children’s services building where I was adopted out of. This wonderfully kind woman did happen to find my ORIGINAL birth certificate for me and sent it to me with a note. Now, let me tell you, had it not been totally blank except for the parts that needed to be filled in, I would have been on my way to finding my birth parents. However, there was no mothers name, in fact, there was no name for me on this thing. I was devastated, all I could think about was that my birth mother was in such a hurry to give me up that naming me was a burden to her.

In fact, about a year later I was digging through my adoptive mom’s records and such and came across a letter from my foster mom, who had to name me something so she named me Christine. Although apparently she could not even sign her name to that letter it was nice to know that someone cared enough to actually give me a name. So, that is how I started my life, a nameless, unwanted baby girl. Now, I have to be fair to my birth mother here, she was 17 years old, so yeah I get why she gave me up. Most likely under immense pressure from her family to do so. I get it, I do. In some ways, I guess I am grateful too.

Growing up constantly having to explain to people why I do not look like the rest of my family was difficult and I always felt like I did not belong because of it. Now, honestly I am grateful I am not really related by blood to those people. I will explain that statement too.  My adoptive parents divorced when I was 4 and it was NASTY. I never saw my adoptive dad after I was like 7 years old. He remarried and ended up with 3 step sons, whom he apparently COULD be a father to. Yeah, I know I sound bitter and sometimes I am, I guess.

My mother (adoptive) turned out to be the drama queen from hell. She was hell bent to make everyone’s life around her miserable. I am not sure if she knew how to even be happy at all. She thrived and still thrives on drama 24/7 and if there is none, she makes it happen. It was hard living with that all my life. So, at 31 I decided I had enough. I picked up, packed what I could fit in my car, left for Michigan without telling anyone and have not looked back. It has been 9 years now and it was probably the best thing I did to save myself.

But let me back up… I got myself pregnant at 17 ( sound familiar?) ended up marrying the guy. I was married from 17 and divorced at 19. The years I was married be was abusive mentally and physically. It was very bad. Took me a long time to get back to some kind of normalcy. After I fled Florida for Michigan, I hooked up with a guy who had I been paying attention, I would have known he was all wrong for me. I spent 8 years of my life with him. When I left I was relieved. Not sad. Just glad I was gone. I spent 8 years of my life with someone who thought it was okay to lie about EVERYTHING big or little. He had a little addiction to porn too, which made my life hell.

I met my husband online in a game that we played together. We became friends and then more. He is the most patient man which is good for me. He is very loving and honest. We talk about everything all the time. I am so happy and honestly never thought life with another person could be so great.

I hold 2 degrees in psychology and I also have been diagnosed with PTSD. My life has been horribly painful emotionally and physically. I am still standing a fighting today. I am here to tell you that you can be strong and you can live life on your own terms. I felt like I needed to write this entry today because someone somewhere needed to know it is POSSIBLE to live life as your own person.