Lots Been Happening

I have not been around lately because well, let’s face it, life has a way of happening and screwing up the best laid plans. There is something that I heard that has always rang true for me and that is “Man plans, God laughs”. If that is true, then I must have been truly hilarious lately. An update on the issues with the construction stuff going on, the roofing company has said that they are not responsible for the over $1,000 electric bill we are looking at now with all the late fees and charges. I am inclined to believe them because they were only here for a week or so. The siding company however, is another story altogether. Apparently they have been plugging into vacant apartments and running up $100 bills there. Of course they are denying that they are doing it. Seriously. Now, they are saying that the meters for the electric company must be wrong. So the property management company for this place had a tech come out this morning to look at the meters to make sure they are okay. In any case, if the meters are damaged, it is their fault because they have been around pulling siding off and replacing it. They messed up the outside socket for the electric for this apartment and they messed up the light right outside the front door too. Need I say more?

Personally, I think that they are just trying to get out of paying the bill that they created. I am waiting to hear what the outcome of the meter inspection is as of now. I am contemplating complaining about this company to the local BBB. I want people to know what kind of company these people are. I am tired of dealing with this and I am so over it!!

Other than that, it has been pretty good here except that we both were sick. That was a trial, but better now finally. We had some issues with money because of all the electric bill issues. They are back under control now and thanks to Army Boy’s parents who helped us a great deal, it is all taken care of. Which makes me happy. All of this crap has made my PTSD worst and honestly I was not on FB or really even talking to anyone much. I had nothing to say. It was hard getting through all that.

Army Boy has gotten me back into WoW (World of War craft) So, I have been there playing a lot lately. It is nice to take out my frustration on things to kill in the game. I am sleeping better some days. Which is helpful. Well, I am going to run.




I found out yesterday that where we live is VERY unhappy with the company doing the construction around here. There have been numerous complaints aside from us and they are 3 WEEKS behind schedule. Today, we caught them plugged into our electric again and took another picture. They left piles of garbage and construction debris in front of our patio out back as well.

I know they have a job to do and I understand that, but they have seriously screwed up here. My outdoor lights in the breezeway by my front door are totally out now. Which means that when someone knocks on the door at night I can not see who is at the door. AT.ALL. I find that a serious hazard to me, especially if I am home alone at night.

Not to mention they have piles and piles of dangerous construction debris all over the place as well. A lot of people are very upset about the horrendous noise so early in the morning too. Glad to know it is not just me that is upset about all this. So because they are so far behind, they will now be working Sundays. My one quiet day. Ugh. I am unhappy about this but I do understand that they faster they catch up the faster they will be gone totally. So, I will grit my teeth and deal with it all for now. Apparently we are getting a credit on our rent for February because of the electric bill thing. Now that we have proof they are doing it again, maybe March too.

Tomorrow I am going to see if I can take some pictures of all the stuff going on here. I am tired of being the nice one.

I need to run, I have the migraine from hell from all the noise and weather.


Good News Finally

I am glad to finally have a decently happy entry to write! My health issues get me down sometimes and it is hard to deal with day after day. Yesterday was a good day and we got great news in the mail! Army Boy has enrolled in school to become a nurse, so his Post 9/11 bill, which is similar to the GI Bill, I thought it was not going to be processed for like 90 days which would put us into March. Turns out, it has been processed and not only that, this will cover rent for the duration of his schooling! Which is a load off my mind for sure.

He is starting a new job on Monday and the rent has been paid for January anyway, but I was still worried because we still had electric, cable and water to deal with. Which is already been taken care of as of now.

I talked Army Boy into buying a pair of New Balance walking shoes. He was looking at a pair that was $30 at Walmart, but since his new job will have him on his feet a lot, not to mention his Drill stuff for the National Guard, I thought a decent pair of shoes were in order for him. I only buy and wear New Balance myself because they are great shoes and I have feet issues. I love them and they have never let me down.

This morning at 7:45 AM the construction guys were here banging their ladders around. Ugh. This is honestly getting to be a bit ridiculous to me. 7:45AM?!?! Really?!?! So needless to say I was not really happy about that. Don’t get me wrong, I know they have a job to do, but I am tired of them being way noisy and the ‘quiet’ hours here don’t end until 8AM anyway. Not that 15 minutes makes a big difference apparently.

I am so tired today because I had a not so good night with pain again. This is getting really old fast. I think a nap is in order soon. Gonna run.


Monday In the Arctic….

Yes, here in Kentucky it feels like I am living in the Arctic. Although, I guess I am thankful for the cold temps because the construction workers stayed away today and possibly tomorrow too. Ahhh heaven.  This morning when Army Boy got home from work he was freezing! His ears were so red! I felt bad for him. He warmed up eventually and was able to go to sleep. Since it was quiet, we slept well for once.

Tonight I got to have my favorite meal. I love Jimmie John’s. I had never had them until I moved to Michigan and I fell in love. The bread is amazing and the food is so good! Tonight I got my usual, Hunter’s Club, which is medium rare roast beef, mayo, lettuce, and tomato. I have them add their house vinaigrette as well. Then I get a bag of chips and a pickle. YUM! I also got another sandwich for tomorrow because I know Army Boy will sleep 90% of the day as usual. I am not upset about it, in fact, I understand completely and I don’t begrudge him that.

In the apartment, the window are drafty. Sadly, there are three of them in the bedroom alone. However, in the spirit of trying to stay positive, the drafty window helps keep my drink cold that I sit on the window sill. LOL. I sat in the tub tonight and read some. I am reading a book on emotions and it is pretty good. I am enjoying it and learning a lot.

I started a Tumblr page and it is fun! I am enjoying it a lot. You can find it here http://demonsangel2.tumblr.com/  Well, I am off to take care of a few things and watch some TV.


Sunday Sunday

Sundays are supposed to be quiet around here, i.e. no construction. Not today apparently. Sigh. I had been looking forward to a day of blissful silence because of the two really horrible nights I have had in a row to get some sleep today. Not did it not happen, apparently the office people are now getting in on the act as well! I heard them out there yelling at the construction guys. Sigh. I know they are just doing their jobs and more than likely wanted to be at home watching football today too, but seriously?

The weather here is about to go from kinda chilly, as today it was in the 50’s to holy crap I woke up in the Arctic! On Tuesday morning it is supposed to be like –8. Of course this is just in time for Army Boy to be coming home from work. However, Monday is his last day at this job, he has Drill this weekend and then he goes to orientation for the new job and starts school all on the same day!

The school thing has been a pain in the ass for us because he is using his veteran benefits and the school or the VA for the matter is not clear on how things will work for him, since he has a VA person who he has to deal with. So when he enrolled in the Fall semester the school financial aid office was to say the very least unhelpful to him. So, this time, he has some better information on the process and it has helped him out a great deal.

Today was another high pain day and I am learning to deal with that the best way I can. Although some days not so much. I made dinner today. I made Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot Casserole, which I will be posting to the food blog shortly. It is a slow cooker dish so that was easy. Since I was up, I prepped the chicken and made the bacon. When Army Boy got him with the milk, I threw it all in the slow cooker and let it cook as we slept.

I am tired and I need to run, I have to eat so I can take a pain pill.


The Last Few Days

The last few days have been seriously trying for me. Well us. First let me say that I have the most amazing husband in the entire world!! Last night was a horrible night for me. I was having some serious pain not only in my hips like usual, but my right knee had gone out on me a few days before and had been extremely painful and I almost got stuck in the tub because I could not put weight on it the other night. Sigh. I love sitting in the tub reading because it is peaceful for me.

Last night, I could not get to sleep because I was in so much pain and I had heartburn to burn down Texas! My hubby, who was very tired, stayed awake and rubbed my hips and knee until I was sleeping peacefully. Then he had to work tonight and went to work anyway even though he was exhausted. I really do love that man of mine.

I woke up this morning and my knee did not hurt, which was wonderful news but my hips were still painful. I am exhausted because I could not sleep last night and the workers were here today banging and so forth. Ugh. I am trying hard to stay positive during all this but some days it is hard to do. I feel horrible because Army Boy is totally exhausted and at work. The good news with that is that he got his letter from the doctor today saying he is good to go to work at the VA. His orientation starts on the 13th and school starts that day as well. So things are coming together for him!

He is studying to be a nurse, which given my health issues is probably a really great choice. New Year’s here was quiet as we stayed home, which was fine with me. Except for the fireworks at midnight it was blessedly quiet around here. The fireworks I was not expecting and of course set the PTSD off some. Ugh. I got through it but it was not really easy.

So, this new year, I did not really make any resolutions. I never keep them anyway. I am trying to make a commitment to eat better, which is hard for me. I am Southern and the kinds of food I love are fried. Plus I am a horrible junk food junkie. I have been doing pretty well. The other night we had pizza, but it was a BBQ chicken pizza and I had only 3 slices. I also had a chicken salad for dinner that night. Although I did splurge some and had some mozzarella cheese sticks. Those are my weakness! Tonight I had vegetable soup for dinner with some crackers and peanut butter. I have been snacking on raw celery and carrots as well as some plain popcorn.

I am a salty snacker. I don’t eat a lot of sweets unless I am craving them.  I know the key to anything is moderation. Normally I do not have an issue with that except for chips. You know that old commercial, ‘Bet you can’t eat just one’? Yeah unless they are talking bags, they are right! LOL. I am also making an effort to drink more water. My issue with water is that it is boring! Those additives like Mio and such, they have aftertastes that I do not like much, makes them taste like cough syrup.  I also like my water cold. My Army Boy doesn’t. So I have to add ice and since we don’t have a filter on the freezer, I can taste the chlorine in the tap water in the ice. Ugh. I have a Brita pitcher for the water and I have had it for years. I totally love it and recommend it.

I am thinking about getting a filter for the sink faucet as well. When Army Boy was in the Army, he was a Water Dog, which means he was dealing with water for his unit of they got deployed. He was in charge of drinking water and getting it filtered correctly. So, it helps now. LOL.

Well, I am going to go. I am tired.



I hope that everyone had a good and safe holiday. We did here. It was quiet, thank heavens. They are currently replacing all the outside paneling on all the buildings in my complex and of course that is not a quiet job what so ever. The issue I have with it, is that the workers just plug what ever they want into the outside outlets and have at it. Which is how we ended up with a $500 electric bill for this month. To say that we were astonished would be an understatement!! We called the electric company and he took the bill to the office immediately because well, A. we can not afford that! and B. I felt like since it was not our usage why should we pay for it? According to the office here, they are not supposed to use ANY of the outlets at all for anything. But of course the workmen do what they want.

They are here at sun up and start making all kinds of noise not long after that. Sigh. I can not wait until they are finished and move on to another building because with all the hammering, power saws, radios, loud conversations, and other various noises it makes it very hard to get any sleep what so ever!

On the good news side, the VA contacted Army Boy about the job and he went to do the physical and finger printing thing. Just waiting on the background check and the letter from the doctor saying he can do the job because of his knee. School for him starts January 13th and he is looking forward to it. So am I honestly.

Of course I did too much on Christmas day and paid for it dearly the next few days. Army Boy’s parents sent me some money for my birthday that was in October and I got a back support pillow that I have been needing and got that the day after Christmas, which is nice. I totally love it! Makes using my computer in bed so much easier for sure!

We also got his pain pills so that helps as well. For us both. I am still having massive amounts of pain, but the pills help some at least. They also help me sleep, which is also a very good thing. Tomorrow is Sunday and the workmen hopefully will be gone and Army Boy is working tonight, so he will be able to sleep at least.

I am going to run, I need to eat something.