Life is Grand

I have let this blog lay dormant for a while because I have been mommy blogging lately. Jeff is now four months old and progressing so very quickly! I honestly am not sure exactly where the time went! I came back here because honestly I did miss blogging for me and me alone. What I mean by that is I am not updating family with this blog, this is where I can write for me. I can say what I want. Don’t get me wrong, I love keeping Michael’s family updated on what is happening with pictures and words, but I miss just sitting down with my lap top and writing about what ever comes into my head. So, here I am today.

Today is Michael’s birthday and he is working. He finally found a job that gives him decent hours and pay. He works like 16-18 hours a day most days but I know he does it for us. If I were to put Jeff in daycare, then find a job, my paycheck would be eaten by daycare basically. So, right now, I am a Stay at Home Mom. Honestly, that is the hardest job I have ever had. Especially now.

Life is good right now and I am happy. I am still in constant pain every single day, but I am working on that. My doctor has told me if I lose approximately ten pounds that it would make a huge difference. So, I am struggling to lose weight again. If it does not help, then we move forward with more medical tests to find out what is going on with me. I am still so very tired, but now I have an infant to show for it and people seem to understand better why I am tired all the time.

Things between Michael and I were tested by his mother of all people earlier this week. She did not know that she was walking on thin ice, but we got through it and are better because of it. We talked about the issue at hand which had something to do with his ex-wife and we got through it with no problem. My relationship with Michael is so different than those before it, we actually communicate with each other. Take the time to talk about things and make sure that we are on the same page as it were. I tell him everything and don’t keep secrets, something that I have never done before. It is nice to be able to tell him everything.

Well, I gotta run, Jeff is playing my song!




Today Army Boy had to get up very early to go to orientation for a job. Our sink has still not been fixed yet and I am getting more and more frustrated with this. Because both sides are clogged, we can not do dishes, run the dishwasher, or anything else. Not to mention it smells horrible. We have been trying to not cook and that is very difficult because of the money situation here.

It has been chilly the last few nights and we have had to sleep with a window open because of the smell in the kitchen. Supposedly the work order has been picked up and the office told Army Boy that it would be done yesterday or today. If not I am letting him call the after hours number and complain. We tried Draino yesterday and it did not work at all. But I can smell the chemicals. It is making me sick.

Obviously, it was not fixed yesterday. I am hoping for today but not really holding my breath. I am hoping that Army Boy will start work tomorrow, but not sure until he gets home. It is an overnight position so we will have to go back to our usual sleep/wake pattern. Well, I am going to run.