I hope that everyone had a good and safe holiday. We did here. It was quiet, thank heavens. They are currently replacing all the outside paneling on all the buildings in my complex and of course that is not a quiet job what so ever. The issue I have with it, is that the workers just plug what ever they want into the outside outlets and have at it. Which is how we ended up with a $500 electric bill for this month. To say that we were astonished would be an understatement!! We called the electric company and he took the bill to the office immediately because well, A. we can not afford that! and B. I felt like since it was not our usage why should we pay for it? According to the office here, they are not supposed to use ANY of the outlets at all for anything. But of course the workmen do what they want.

They are here at sun up and start making all kinds of noise not long after that. Sigh. I can not wait until they are finished and move on to another building because with all the hammering, power saws, radios, loud conversations, and other various noises it makes it very hard to get any sleep what so ever!

On the good news side, the VA contacted Army Boy about the job and he went to do the physical and finger printing thing. Just waiting on the background check and the letter from the doctor saying he can do the job because of his knee. School for him starts January 13th and he is looking forward to it. So am I honestly.

Of course I did too much on Christmas day and paid for it dearly the next few days. Army Boy’s parents sent me some money for my birthday that was in October and I got a back support pillow that I have been needing and got that the day after Christmas, which is nice. I totally love it! Makes using my computer in bed so much easier for sure!

We also got his pain pills so that helps as well. For us both. I am still having massive amounts of pain, but the pills help some at least. They also help me sleep, which is also a very good thing. Tomorrow is Sunday and the workmen hopefully will be gone and Army Boy is working tonight, so he will be able to sleep at least.

I am going to run, I need to eat something.



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