Christmas Coming

The last few days have been busy for us here because well, all of a sudden Christmas is like two days away!! My menu has been altered because  we could not find any prime rib roasts which totally frustrated me beyond belief! I mad adjustments and we are back on track. I was planning on trying out a new dip for Christmas, but decided against it because of how much cooking I am already going to be doing and I am trying hard to not have to put myself down for days afterwards because I did too much.

Tomorrow, I am basically making the twice baked potatoes. Then on Christmas, I just have to put them together and heat them through. Which will be easier on me too. We are having steak, twice baked potatoes and my ‘famous’ green beans.

Then at the same time, I guess the people here will be coming in to change the cabinets, counters, and light fixtures. The issue with this is that I had no idea that it was happening NOW. I was told THIS morning that they might be here today or tomorrow. Ugh. Nice. Only issue I have is that we were notified last week. Sigh.

I have had a pretty bad couple of days, but managed to push through them. I made slow cooker beef stew last night. It was really good, but I need to tweak the recipe some. As I might have said, the first time I make a new recipe I make it how it is written. Unless it has onion, because I am allergic. The second time, I usually start making changes if I need to with a recipe. The issue I had with this one was that it was not flavorful enough. The recipe called for 3/4 teaspoon salt, that was it. It was BLAND!!!

I am really tired today and I had a pretty bad night last night. So it is possible I might nap today. Army Boy’s parents sent me $20 for my birthday, so I got my back rest pillow which will be here the day after Christmas. They also sent us $100 for Christmas. I was not expecting the money for my birthday and I am very grateful! Speaking of Army Boy, he is today getting his physical for the VA job which is very exciting for us!

Okay, I think that is it for now. I am tired.



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