Lasagna did not get made yesterday because early afternoon, I got really ill. So I slept most of the day and night. This morning I put the lasagna together for my Army Boy in case I was not awake he could put it in the oven. so he would have dinner before work and have some to take for his break at work. I feel bad when I am not feeling well and I can’t make sure he has food.

This morning it should not have taken me so long to get the lasagna together, but it is finished and in the fridge. It only has to cook for an hour or so. I am doing the best I can. I am so nauseous that I can hardly stand for long periods of time. The smell of food makes me ill. It was hard to get it all working and get it together.

Thank you for the comments and the likes on my entries. I am also grateful for the new followers of this blog. I am tired and I think I need to lay down.



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