Bad Weather

Most of us have been under winter weather watches, warnings, and advisories all weekend and in most part all of last week. Army Boy had drill this just past weekend and they were let go early on both days mostly because of the weather. Today I was all set to make this fantastic dinner because let’s face it, I had the energy to do so. I had a menu of lasagna, homemade garlic bread, and salad all planned for today. We both were finally feeling up to real food and it just sounded so good!

Army Boy got home early from Drill like I said and had brought Taco Bell. I then discovered that I needed eggs for my recipe and it was nasty out. Army Boy was going to wait a bit to see if the weather calmed before going out and it never really did. So, I did not let him go. Maybe tomorrow.

The recipe for the lasagna I was going to make is on my food blog, Everything But the Kitchen Sink. Maybe tomorrow. Depends on the weather here. I am tired and can’t sleep just yet, which is just my luck really. Sigh. Okay going to go relax and watch some TV.



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