Simple Things

As I am writing this I am sitting here wondering why I do not eat more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are so good! I forgot what simple little bits of heaven those are! I was supposed to make beef stew tonight for dinner, but since Army Boy has not been feeling well the last couple of days and honestly I have not been either, I just decided that I would figure out dinner if and when either one of us was hungry.

As a kid, I loved PB&J and ate it a lot. I think somewhere along the lines, when I grew up that particular pleasure got labeled as ‘kid food’ and not really something that adults ate much of. Which is a shame. I love my sandwiches on squishy white bread. You know the kind that has no nutritional value what so ever.. yeah that kind.

I think I like it so much because it brings actual good memories back from my childhood when I have one. I always vow to eat more of them but don’t. Sometimes it is like they are mini time capsules that bring back long forgotten good memories of eating with friends or a good time in my life. They are so simple and so good. I really need to eat more of these!

In case you are wondering, this post is not just about the PB&J sandwiches, it is also about the simple things in life that bring us so much joy that we don’t do anymore because they are considered not adult or some other stupid reason. Why not do the things that bring us joy, even if it is just a sandwich? Joy is something that we are in seriously in short supply of these days. If a sandwich can bring me such joy when the mixture of the peanut butter and sweet jelly hits my tongue, then why is it that I forget to have one of these little beauties every week?

I think it is because I forget. I forget how I feel as I am eating that delicious jem of a sandwich. I forget all the good things attached to it and look at it as it is just something to not make me hungry anymore. I need to work on that, because hey, I can always use more joy in my life.



2 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Can’t say they are a favorite but they’re definitely at the top of list. You’re right about simple things. It is focusing on these things that keep life simplified, less stressful and far less complicated. Glad I found your blog again.

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