Good News Finally

So today Army Boy went to the office several times and finally caught the guy that is supposed to fix our sink and he came over and it is now fixed! There was a popsicle stick in the P-trap that had gotten horizontal and bent so it was basically holding all the food that we were sending down the garbage disposal. He cleaned it out and now everything is fine. I am happy again. No wonder the Draino did not work!

We also found out that our complex changed hands and things here are crazy because there is not enough people to fix all the stuff that needs to be fixed. Which makes sense. They are beginning to re roof all the buildings here now as well. Not sure if they will finish before winter and snow, but it is a good goal. Most of the people who worked here before are now gone so we have to get used to new people.

I have had a migraine all day long, so I have not been doing much. We ran a load of dishes through the dish washer today. Just to make sure they were totally clean and on the hottest setting. It is supposed to be very chilly tonight so it will be nice to have the windows closed and the heat on for once. They guy who fixed the sink is very nice and he is one of the few who got to stay from the other owners, so it was nice to deal with someone who I knew somewhat.

Well, I need to go eat and try to get rid of this migraine.



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