Birthdays and Stuff

Almost a week ago I turned 39. While it was a nice and quiet day with just Army Boy and myself, I had a small issue with the fact that I just turned 39 and in my eyes had nothing to show for my life thus far. I mentioned it to him because honestly he could see that something was clearly distressing me and he wanted to know what it was. I explained to him what I just said and he looked at me as if I had all of a sudden turned purple and grew another head.

He gently reminded me of all the soldiers I had adopted and all of the people who I had helped. That I had many friends who love me (this was in evidence on my FB page with all the birthday wishes) and while I do agree with him, I actually thought that my life would be different by now. As much as I love Army Boy and yes we do have a wonderful life, I guess that I would have more to show for my life at this point. He had some great points that made me feel better.

On the health front, I have not been feeling any better. In fact, I think I am getting sick and I am so tired. This weekend is Drill weekend for Army Boy, so it is my weekend alone for most of the time. I don’t really mind it because it is good for me to have time without him around. I am thinking it is time for a nap.



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