Not Sure What to Think

My ex in Michigan, I suppose he is more of an ex-roommate than an ex-boyfriend was evicted from the apartment that we lived in together this past Thursday. The reason that I am just now talking about it is because I just now found out about it via email buried in my inbox.

The strange thing about this is that I had the electric turned off on 9/12. It is now 9/21. He never mentioned that the power was off  any of his recent communications. So, that tells me he was not there. I am thinking he moved out and forgot to tell me and then was like, oh yeah. Well, I figured it out.

Now the part I am unsure of. He was in my life for nearly eight years and he was not all that horrible. Some horrible things were said on his part, but I wish nothing bad on him. I do feel sorry that he was or is being evicted, kind of like I would feel about any other person losing their place to live. I have no more emotional attachment to him. Even when I thought he was not paying the bills, there was no venom in me. Just a sad resignation that I should have known better. So far he has held up his part, but this is not over yet.

When this is over and the last part of the bill is paid, I will move on and not look back because there is nothing there for me anymore. We ceased being friends a long time ago and I think that neither of us wanted to admit it. Well, I finally made the move that needed to be made and of course I am the bad guy for doing so. Fine, I am the bad guy. I have the life I have always looked for and I will trade that for being the bad guy in a relationship that was over years ago.

It is hard sometimes to admit when something has run it’s course. It is even harder to get up and walk away when you are comfortable there and know what to expect. I did it. Finally. I am much better for it and I am sure he will be too in time. Although I am sure he doesn’t see it that way. Someone had to make the call and he was not going to so I did. I am much better for it.

Now that I have gotten that out of my head, time for some ice cream I think. A small celebration for my freedom.



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