One of THOSE Days…

When I woke up today, I was feeling kind of good. Finally a wake up without pain anywhere. I should know to not log into Facebook first thing because of the 100% chance that someone would post something stupid and I would instantly go into my you’re-an-idiot-mode. However, it took me about five minutes to find that first idiotic post and that is a record for me, usually they are right at the top of my time line. Sigh.

I log into the game that I play and was instantly smacked in the face with the one person who I was looking forward to not seeing until tonight on my game. She is holding court in chat. Ugh. Sadly I would love to turn it off or make that little box go away but there is no way for that to happen, which I think needs to change and soon! Mouth (obviously not her real name) is going on and on about something and my brain is not awake enough to figure it out yet, so I am still blissfully unaware of what she is screeching about.

Her and her cronies, tend to get on my nerves because they are kids, albeit, not 10 or 11 but in relation to my age kids. They have verbal sex in chat and think it is okay. Ugh. I can not unread some of the crap they have posted and I wish to God someone would invent brain bleach for this exact purpose. Normally Mouth is in class, as she is in college, but not today. Sigh. People like this make me wonder about our educational system today. I hear stories of people making it to high school not being able to read in some cases. She made it to college with out learning the English language, how is this possible?!?!

No, she is not an English as a second language person, she was born here, but can not make coherent sentences or spell even the most basic words correctly. Which as I will tell you at any time makes my Grammar Nazi go insane. My Grammar Nazi, is this voice inside my head screaming, SHE IS MURDERING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!!!! Usually in the voice of a demon aching to be released to dish out punishment of the most severe type. I tend to keep him under control most days which is a good thing as well, it can get kind of awkward when I release him to roam and he eats the people who murder English. I fear one day I will no longer have anyone to communicate with. So I usually bite my tongue when I am verbally assaulted with text speak and other variations of the English language.

I do not mean to make you think that I am intolerant, this is not the case. I simply want people to actually speak in sentences that I can understand and do not have to spend twenty minutes trying to figure out what you are trying to say to me , I am sorry I left my stupid people decoder ring in my other pajamas. I am tired of feeling old, when in reality I am a thirty-something woman. I feel like I have landed on Mars sometimes. All I ask is for sentences, complete ones please, with the moderate ability to spell. Is that too much to ask? I think it is these days because no one writes anymore. By writes I mean pen to paper, you know long hand… Yes, I will wait while you Google it. Sigh.

I play these games for fun, most of the time it is fun. I sometimes wonder if it is me. If I am the one that is out of place and I have come to the conclusion that I am. I come from a time where being polite is normal, where not showing all you have in public, both literally and figuratively was a good thing. I long for those days again but I am afraid that they have gone the way of the dinosaur.

I thank you for reading my rant and understanding that I too am headed the way of the dinosaur. Before I leave, I wanted to leave you with something that I read on Cappy’s Blog today. ” I honestly heard someone ask someone else why people kept talking about this cereal war. Because Obama is really concerned about chemical weapons in cereal. Tell those Mini Wheats to knock it off!”  This is what our country has become… Think about this for a minute.  I leave you with this final thought, the kid that is talking about the cereal war, he is a leader of tomorrow.



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