This photo was made by a friend on my Facebook page, she is very talented with things like this and I have a number of them saved. I will pull some out once in a while to share. Today my 16 year old daughter who up until last weekend has not spoken to me in a long time, shared that she passed a test she had to take today for school. In that small thing, it made my heart sing! She has not told me that she hates me, or that I am a bitch, or to leave her alone. All great things for me.

It is a very painful story and situation, but I am working hard to resolve my end of it. Yes, I made mistakes and yes I regret them. Sadly a lot of things came into play and I did not know how to deal with it. I have a very painful past and honestly it has colored how I see and do things. I have gotten help and now I am able to work with it and I am okay. Now comes the hard part healing others that have been hurt by me.

I love that she is choosing to share these things with me and hopefully it continues. I don’t deserve it but I will take it! I am trying day by day. Well, I am going to run.



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  1. And therein is the difference, you recognize your mistakes, and you don’t take for granted the love of a child. You have let things grow and mature on their own without forcing anything. That little girl is lucky to have you for a mommy. So, so very lucky, and she doesn’t even know it yet. God bless you my friend, you have come a long way in such a short time. xo

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