No Sleep Till…. I Fall Over!

It has been said in many medical and psychological journals that the lack of sleep changes your brain. Since I actually hold a degree in psychology, I am here to say it is true. Your body needs a certain amount of sleep to function, but it will adapt over time to less sleep. I know this because I also suffer from insomnia as well. When you try to explain to people about insomnia, the kind that I have suffered from for years, the look at you like you are mad! Maybe in some way I am, but there was a time in my life that I worked 3rd shift at a convenience store, came home, got the kids ready for school, cleaned up the house and made sure dinner was planned. By this time, it was usually 11am or noon and then I laid down for a nap, about three hours before the kids came back through the door from school and we had to get snacks and homework. Once that was completed, dinner needed to be started and then the ex came home from work. Finishing homework and baths after dinner, then the bed time ritual started. It was 9pm at this point and I had to start getting ready for work at 10pm.  The summer was infinitely more complicated because the kids were home and I was still working.  Although after the first day of trying to work all night and be up for the kids all day I did go to my boss and explain my situation. 

He was understanding up to a point. So I agreed to work Friday night and Saturday night as well as delivery night, which was Wednesday. I had recently trained someone for my shift so that he could take my regular days off during a normal week, so it was a good thing. He had mentioned that he needed the hours and I needed fewer hours. My boss, decided to make me the Lead Customer Service Associate for our store, which came with a small raise in pay. Then he proceeded to teach me how to do the bank deposits for Friday and Saturday. So I was getting almost my normal amount of hours and I would not lose a lot of my paycheck which we needed. 

It was a hard time coupled with my ex and I were not getting along at all. Not sleeping and honestly fighting with him over stupid stuff took its toll. I left shortly after that. These days my life is not that crazy, but I am still suffering from insomnia and on a day like today I feel like I went through all that again. I am exhausted. I look like I have not slept in days. I try to keep as much stress out of my life as possible but these days it is not that easy. So here is to good sleep and may we all get some very soon! 



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